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What are Herbs?

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Herbs are the edible and aromatic leaves of some varieties of plants. They are sometimes used for medicinal and religious purposes, but they are most often used for culinary purposes. Imparting strong and vibrant flavors to all kinds of dishes from around the globe, herbs are also a welcome addition to any garden with their delicious scent, beautiful foliage, and often colorful blossoms.

What’s the difference between herbs and spices?

Herbs are the edible leaves and stems of some varieties of plants, while spices are the flavorful seeds, bark, or flower buds of plants.  While spices are often ground into a fine powder to release their flavor, herbs only need to be chopped, crushed, or muddled.

Why use fresh herbs in place of dried?

Fresh herbs impart a purer and fresher flavor to foods than dried herbs, which have lost some of their essential oils during the drying process.  Because dried herbs are more concentrated than fresh herbs, substitute fresh herbs for dried at a three to one ration or one tablespoon of fresh herbs for every teaspoon of dried herbs.

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